Hi friends today i’m gonna  show you to to bypass iCloud on any iDevise runnig on iOS 13.3 and iOS 13.4.X Using iCloud Bypass Tools V2.1

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icloud bypas, ios13.4One-click bypass iCloud IOS 13.4 -13.4.x fix iTunes, 3utools sync.

What is Really iCloud Bypass Tools V2.1 ?

iCloud Bypass Tools V2.1 is a software that help you  do to fake activation on any iDevise running on iOS 13.3 To iOS 13.4.X just with one click.After bypass you could synchronise with iTunes,3utools,iFun Box and other, it means that after bypass you will be able to see informations of your iPhone/iPad/iPod/Apple TV. So after bypass if you are using any iPhone/iPad or iPod you will be able to add media on your iDevise using iTunes and 3utools.

        How to use iCloud Bypass Tools V2.1 ?

Step1.  Ensure that your iDevise is on iOS 12.3 to iOS 13.4.X

Step2. Jailbreak your iDevice using Chekra1n(if you are using iDevice running on iOS 12.3 To 12.4.4 Use Checkra 0.9.2, and if you are using iDevise running iOS 13.3 To 13.4.X use checkra1n 0.9.5 to 0.10.1 Depending of your iPhone/iPad or iPod).


Step3. After Jailbreaking, Run iCloud Bypass Tools V2.1 and connect your iDevise.

Step4.Click on« Bypass iCloud iOS 12.3 – iOS 13.2.3 » if your divice is on iOS 12.3 to 13.2.3.

Step5.Click on « Bypass iCloud iOS 13.3 – 13.4 Fix sync iTunes » if your devise  on iOS 13.3 To iOS 13.4.X.

Step6. Wait until seeing a message pop-pop(done) on your screen.

Step7. Start setting up your device, you have now access to  menu of your phone and also to all apps avalaible .You can now see on iTunes« Welcome to your new iPhone/iPad or iPod. » Start enjoying your iDevise.

Step8.To advoid shortdown of your iDevice you may install safeShortdow application to replace the normal slide to power off your iDevise

                     iCloud Bypass Limitations

After bypassing your iDevice you could not have access to some servises on it. The limitations are as following:

1. For iPhone User you will not be able to:

– Synchronise your iPhone with a new Apple ID because normally your iPhone is still locked in Apple servers.

– Network signal will be  but You will not be able to make calls with your iPhone.

– You will not be able to send SMS with your iPhone.

-You will not be able to browse directly with your sim card or carrier even if you see 3G or 4G signal (You can browse just trought wi-fi).

-You should never leave your phone to power off by himself for iOS 13.3 to iOS 13.4.X your iDevise will start boot loop and to fix it you will be forced to restore and rebypass it

2.For iPad/iPod/Apple TV users you will not be able to:

-Synchronise your iPhone with a new Apple ID because normally your iPhone is still locked in Apple servers.

-You should never leave your phone to power off by himself if not for iOS 13.3 to iOS 13.4.X your iDevise will start boot loop and to fix it you will be force to restore and rebypass it

            Accessible internet services after bypass

After bypassing your iDevice you could access some services as listened below:

Befor starting know that for iOS 12.3 to iOS 13.2.x users they could  power off/on their iDevice as wented , they can also leave their iDevice to power off by himself they will just need plug the charger to their phone and will reboot normaly until menu without  boot loop.

1. You could connect your iPhone/iPad to wi-fi.

2.You will be able to synchronise with iTunes and AppStore with your apple ID and install any app.


                             Video tutorial:

The video below show all steps as explained up,so if you are not able to follow the write tutorial you can follow the video one below.Don’t forget to souscribe to my Youtube chanel and also most important share this post with all your friends.


                     Download Section:

Here i’m gonna share all link for  necessary tools for this tutorial.

1.Download iCloud Bypass Tools

2.Download Checkra1n

3.Download SafeShortdown


The purpose of this post is to help you bypassing your own iDevise if you do not have enough money to really unlock iCloud on your iDevise. Then if by applying this tutorial you break your iDevise i will not be responsable of any dammage that will occure if you does wrong manipulation and break your iDevice.This post about iCloud Bypass work very well, so if you follow this post step by step ensure that there is not any way to damage your iDevice if before trying the tutoruial your iDevice was working fine. So do it at your one risk and peril.

                                 Difficult words:

During this post i used some words that could not be undanstadable by some people, this is why i just created this section to explain them.

iDevise: iDevise is any device made by apple as iPhone,iPad,iPod,Apple TV, Apple watch as you can see almost all apple divises names start by any i.So this is why poeple call them iDevice.

If you have some problems concerning this post you can leave your comment at the end of this post.And admin of this website will reply you in a few minute.


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